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Immune response against viruses and parasites

We study the immune response against viruses and parasites. Using established infection models and experimental approaches at the intersection between immunology and physics (Immunophysics, in particular optoimmunology) we characterize the interaction between different cell types of the innate and adaptive immune system during allergic reactions and protective immunity.

One focus of our research activities is the characterization of eosinophils, basophils and alternatively activated macrophages, three effector cell types of the innate immune system that are associated with allergies and helminth infections.

On the other hand we try to gain new insights into the regulation of adaptive immune responses against viruses, fungi and helminths. We study the development and homeostasis of ILC2, Th2 cells and IgE-producing B cells which are localized in tissues and contribute to long-lasting immune responses.

Another part of our research is dedicated to the characterization of dendritic cells in the context of infection and regulation of self-tolerance.